A Kitten finding Hedonism

Hedonism! One of Killing Kittens longest running and infamous parties. Here Kitten K tells us of her first visit to Hedonism, and if the party really did live up its name.

Hedonism is a school of thought that argues that pleasure and happiness are the primary or most important intrinsic goods and the aim of human life. A hedonist strives to maximize net pleasure (pleasure minus pain), but when having finally gained that pleasure, happiness remains stationary.

Ethical hedonism is the idea that all people have the right to do everything in their power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure possible to them.

Well, that definitely sounded like a good invitation to a party. After looking through the flyers I decided for my second step into this world of feline power, I liked the thought of being a hedonist. Of trying anything to achieve ‘maximum net pleasure and exercising the right to do everything In my power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure.’

My curiosity and excitement were further aroused when the party details arrived. Our first party had been the Townhouse at Christmas which was all glitz and glamour. However, the invite now said;

‘Dress code: Impress and undress.

For the newbies, we suggest starting out in a little black dress (or trousers and shirt if you’re a guy) however it does get a little humid in there so please feel free to bring swimwear, underwear or your birthday suits to change into. You are welcome to bring flip flops to use around the wet areas.’

I loved how it suggested newbies Started Out! in an outfit and the suggestion of bringing flip flops! The look on my Toms face when I packed our flip flops and masks said it all. I must add here that on the flyer it said this party comes with a heat warning! I had no idea then just how hot this event was going to become in more ways than one.


As we stepped out of our car into the hustle and bustle of London with people going about their business with shopping bags and briefcases we clasped hands and started walking down a little street with coffee shops and bars. We saw a sandwich board with a number on it outside a little nondescript door. Other couples were going in and as we approached the man discreetly asked,”KK?” and ushered us in. With every step, we took down the narrow stairs my excitement rose higher. We stopped midway and took our cue from the couple in front of us and put on our masks. At the bottom was a small reception desk, we announced our names and were handed a numbered locker key. Here I was in a little black dress,  heels and mask, standing next to my dark and handsome Tom with a swimming bag hanging off my shoulder holding our flip-flops. It was surreal.

We walked through the door straight into the locker room through which we could see into the main bar area. There was a little coin in the locker so you didn’t need change. I shoved my bag in, locked the door, put the key band around my wrist and went to explore.

The main room was already quite full of masked faces. There were lots of sofas and tables along one wall with a large bar area on the other. It looked like an exclusive wine bar with well-dressed people sitting around talking. Walking past the bar we could see a large pool which was empty. There were toilets and showers at the end of the bar and walking past the pool were bed like booths. A screen on the wall caught my eye I looked up to see porn being played. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I tugged at my Toms’ arm, oh my it was a screen like at a concert only they were showing porn. There is something very exciting about watching porn together and then having porn going on around you but to have the two together was a whole different experience.

Turning the corner was a corridor with lots of little rooms with waist-high bunks and finally at the end of the corridor was a sex swing!

The sex swing

I am very new to all of this and I had heard of them but to be standing in front of this swinging hammock surrounded by mirrors was just too tempting.

I perched my bum on the edge holding on to the chains and wrapping my legs around my Tom and pulled him in close. “We’ve got all evening,” he laughed but I needed to try this right now before anyone else turned the corner. Pushing me back and grinning suggestively he lifted each foot and threaded it through the stirrups that I hadn’t noticed. I lay there fully dressed spread eagle my heeled feet dangling up high, holding on to the chains on either side of my head. I held my breath feeling helpless yet consumed with lust and longing. He pushed my knickers to one side and swinging me towards him pushed his hardness inside me. The position I was in being swung back and forth onto his hard dick was something I had not experienced before. Someone turned the corner and my Tom stopped and pulled out, “That’s all you’re getting for now!” he said leaving me gasping and gagging for more. The other couple looked at the swing and jumped straight on as we had to try it. We’d only been around the corner for a few minutes but in that time the pool had already filled! It was getting very hot and steamy now. We’d only arrived about 5-10 minutes ago but everybody was already completely naked with a few in lingerie. The masks had already come off. I had thought Town House had been amazing but this was making Town House look so tame. Town House was like a dinner party with some guests making out but this now was a full-blown orgy.

These people were Hedonists!! They were all here In the pursuit of maximum pleasure and were exploring everything in order to achieve it.

Again in the true essence of KK events what I liked was how the Toms just stood back tall and proud fanned out like peacocks almost saying pick me, pick me and the gorgeous kittens just prowled around with feline grace seductively making eye contact or putting on a show. The pool was a hive of eroticism. Bodies half in and half out of the water in various forms of sexual intimacy.

Kitten power

Exploiting the powers of being a kitten I pushed my Tom into one of the rooms. He wasted no time in bending me over and hoisting one of my legs up on the bunk and entering me from behind pulling my head back as he yanked on my hair. This made me look up at the open doorway where I made eye contact with a couple that stood in the doorway and watched in awe as my Tom thrust harder behind me. We were being watched and I like it. Their faces must have been mirroring ours because the looks of lust were turning me on more. It was getting hotter, we were getting hotter so we stumbled out of the room ( into which the couple then entered to re-enact what they had seen) onto the bed under the porn screen. I rode my Tom in reverse cowgirl both of us watching the screen with an audience behind us doing the same. It felt like it was us on the screen. Watching the couple on screen and feeling what she was feeling was very erotic. Being stimulated visually, mentally and physically was quite a euphoric feeling. One of the kittens from the group behind us came and joined in smacking my bottom and kissing my Tom. She told him she could taste me on his mouth and kissed him harder. By now we were a hot, wet sticky mess. We scooped our clothes off the floor and hurriedly shoved them into our locker and changed into our flip-flops. Then we lined up stark naked with my breasts resting on my folded arms at the bar surrounded by nakedness. Unable to resist the absurdity of the situation my Tom pulled me into his body and kissed my neck as I pushed my bottom into hardness. By now I had shed my inhibition and had become an exhibitionist but we were actually going to do it at the bar casually waiting for a drink! It was almost a waste not to!

People all around us were in very creative positions and numbers. As we gulped our drinks we took a moment to observe the scene around us and hear the moans of pleasure. We made our way back to the swing which was empty now. I lay back in sheer anticipation as my feet were once again fed through the stirrups. I held on to the poles behind me now as I gentle swung towards my waiting hard Tom.

Sometimes he took charge sometimes I did as we pulled and pushed on the chain towards and away from each other. I realised that by running my feet higher or lower up the chains I could control how deep inside me my Toms hard dick went. I came again and again and squirted as I climaxed like I’ve never experienced before. We had reached the heights of Hedonism that I didn’t know was possible. We were So hungry for each other and charged with the energy of the place. This little underground cave of rooms and pool was the perfect playground to explore the depths of hedonistic indulgence. The addition of the swing and porn being played enhanced the already imaginative desires! It was like the heat and steam were coming from the bodies bursting with fulfilled desire.

Hedonism! What a surreal and insane experience. I think we succeeded in doing everything in our power to achieve the greatest amount of pleasure! The swing did help.  I can’t wait for more!