A Kittens Fantasy

Fulfilling and finding new fantasies is a massive part of KK. To give members a safe enviroment where they can experiment and push their boundaries. Here we hear from Kitten C who shares with us, her experiences and fantasies at the Mansion Party.

What is the Ultimate Fantasy of a Kitten?

Many moons from now in the future stands a woman looking at a picture of an exotic creature. What is this animal? she asked the museum owner.  It’s a cat she replies with a secret smile, discreetly tucking her mask into her apron. Why don’t these animals exist anymore, what happened to them she asks?

“Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten” she replies and so the story began!

Back to the present day and allergic to cats I was in the mood to masturbate and challenge god to kill a few more kittens, when my Tom asked, “what’s your wildest fantasy? Fancy exploring them together at a party?”

I spent the day mulling this over, sitting at my desk thinking of my fantasies. I googled Fantasy! Of all the meanings that came up, three stood out to me.

1.The creative imagination; unrestrained fancy. 

Hmmm, I thought I had a very creative imagination especially if I was unrestrained.

2.An imagined event or sequence of mental images, such as a daydream, usually fulfilling a wish or psychological need.

I daydreamed a sequence of mental images of the naked bodies in different stages of intimacy.  Each imagined event fulfilling my every wish and physical and psychological needs filled my head.

It was game on. He wanted to explore fantasies and he was going to get just that!

We booked The Mansion party. A venue tucked away on a side street right in the beating heart of our capital. We joined the pre-party chat group which is highly recommended. As the guest list is very private it gives you an insight as to who else is attending. It was a mixed bunch from married couples looking to explore outside of the marriage yet within the boundaries of mutual consent to single all-inclusive couples just wanting to push the boundaries and explore. The chat got very dirty very quickly with people eager to give tantalising views of what they had to offer. The photos came thick, fast and hard!

Everyone was very welcoming, complimenting and accepting of each other’s kinky fetishes and experiences. As the week drew on, it was hard to contain the excitement. At work, people were taking extra toilet breaks and longer lunches just to keep up with the chat.

The day before the party the email arrived detailing the location. The hotel was booked and the dress was picked.

Party Day

We arrived at pre-drinks to find an eager bunch already there. It felt comfortable and exciting and felt like we knew a lot of people already. Everyone was eagerly chatting and some couldn’t wait anymore. People started trickling off to the venue individually or in pairs.

We arrived at the door and were greeted with a smile and the words “KK?” Mutual nods were exchanged and we were let in. ID’s were checked, disclaimers were signed, we donned our masks and entered. It was fairly quiet and a good time to explore. We left our bags in the manned cloakroom and proceed to go up the stairs. To our right was a room with a double bed positioned in the center with a couple of chairs in the center. It was empty. In front of us was a very large drawing room with four double beds positioned in the center in the shape of a cross. This was very symbolic considering a lot of kittens were going to die tonight as a result of our debaucherous actions. Going further up the sweeping staircase was a toilet, another bedroom and a very comfortable sitting room with sofas and a coffee table. People were mingling and standing around talking. Everything seemed tame and normal except for the masks that covered their eyes.

We went back down to discover the basement. At the bottom of the stairs was a room hidden behind curtains. There was a bar, toilets and a dance floor with a DJ. At the end of the bar, we’re two more rooms with curtains.

Already giddy with fizz and excitement we faced each other and began to move to the music. Like in a trance people around us started to do the same. The mating dance had begun! As we danced our eyes connected with the people around us. Anonymous souls, just eyes behind a mask all sharing the same look of lust and longing. As we danced my Tom pulled me towards him and held me close I could feel his hardness digging into me as he kissed my neck. I could feel we were being watched and as he pushed me back out again another body slid in the space between us. He pulled me in again sandwiching her in the middle. I saw her eyes widen as she now felt his hardness. And so the fantasy began!

Taking us both by the hand she led us into the room at the back of the dance floor. There already was a girl on all fours being taken from behind crying out “harder!” The guy was doing everything in his power to oblige! A few kittens must have lost their lives for this act alone! The three of us wasted no time in entwining our bodies into whichever position gave us the maximum pleasure. It was a shame not to involve the other couple and the girl had our three mouths on her puckering up to kiss her. My Tom worked his magic fingers into our dance partner and she gasped with the unexpected thrill of what looked like her first squirt! We used our creative imagination and did whatever took our unrestrained fancy.

Now that we had warmed up we went back upstairs. The cross bed was a hive of activity. Bodies filled every inch of the bed with people hanging off and carrying on, on the floor. Upstairs in the living room, the sofa and coffee table were full of naked bodies. Once again we were taken by the hand and this time lead to the coffee table. The girl lay back pulling my head between her legs. Laying back she unzipped my Tom and guided his hardness into her mouth. I licked, she sucked and he thrust. Every wish and need was fulfilled right there.

All around us were moans and gasps and cry’s of pure pleasure. The sounds of bare bottoms being smacked and flogged. Every person in every room on every floor was living out their fantasy as did we.

A perfect and memorable night in an amazing Mansion.

Oh and the third explanation of fantasy was

3.A hallucination

I woke up the next day thinking was I ‘hallucinating’ last night or did We really live out a fantasy! I know it was real because I didn’t see any cats out today!

“Every time you masturbate… God kills a kitten”

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