Every Kitten is Unique

We at Killing Kittens like to celebrate each and every Kitten, all are unique, individual and sexy in their own way, Every woman is entitled to live life to the fullest, sexploring in a safe environment such as one of our parties. Here we follow the journey of Kitten X (41), she tells us of her journey, and why she feels KK have embraced her fully and taken her into our Kitten fold.

Killing Kittens, a world where you can indulgence in sensual pleasures, lose your inhibitions and experience the most erotic fantasies in an exclusive, safe and non-judgemental environment. I discovered Killing Kittens and it has changed my way of life.

I had been in a relationship with a man who wanted to fulfil every fantasy we desired. After many years of battling with my health which led to me losing my confidence physically and sexually, this new partnership was like a godsend. I was able to open up more and be free to expose myself to a man that I felt worshipped me, in all sense of the word.

Exploring Voyeurism

We were together just over a year and at one point I told him one of my secrets about wanting so much to explore voyeurism. My fantasy was for him to watch me as I became intimate with a woman. I still had trust issues with him so I confessed that I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him partaking in the acts, but the thought of him watching a woman go down on me like he does and the lady and I grinding out our sexual desires would turn me on so much. I wanted to see him watch as I climaxed from the touch of a woman. When we were finished, we would send her home safely and my man and I could continue the evening having the most exhilarating sex.

The idea drove him wild. His profession made him a “do-er” and for days after I made this verbal outburst, he pursued me to make it happen. I did lots of research online on how to achieve this. I had looked at escorts, dating apps, even some swingers clubs. But none seemed to fit. I was scared of health risks, like dealing with strangers and picking up some STD. Though the fantasy was at the foremost of my thinking, I still felt held back on how I was going to bring this to life. I guess in honesty I felt a bit worried he would lose interest in me if I didn’t follow through.

Finding Killing Kittens

One of my findings was Killing Kittens. I sent him the link, he was excited. I read on about how the high-class club focused on female empowering. I was intrigued. I wanted to find out more. I visited the site. There was a membership form. This was quite interesting as it asked about my profession and to send a recent picture to be vetted. I was pleased but scared at the same time. What type of person are they looking for? Will I be good enough to join? Though I was nervous about the sign-up process, I felt at ease that at least it is real time and they are aware of who joins. This was a plus to me, I felt a bit safe knowing that one had to be accepted. A way to deter wrongdoers or unknown people. I didn’t know then how beneficial this one act would be.

Let me describe myself, I am of African descent, and have lived in a few countries in my life. I have a business but since becoming a single mom (though then I was in dating) this means I can only work part-time, and I received help for my low income. Healthwise, I suffered from a chronic illness that left my body going in and out of extreme body shapes, I also suffered a small stroke, so my vocabulary took a hit. My body issues were related to my yo-yo shapeshifting and having to wear weaves/ wigs/ braids as my own hair was too thin and frail to have out naturally.

Meeting that man at the time I did was surreal to me and I felt on top of the world. So after signing up, I felt – YES! I can give back to him like he has done for me. We were due to go to our first party together a few months after I had been given the membership. We kinda skipped over the meeting someone privately. After reading about the way a Killing Kittens party worked, I thought it was like having my cake and eating it too. I too can watch others. This was also one of our fantasies. I couldn’t believe I was now going to walk into a “sex party”. I was so scared. The same rules still applied to him. I didn’t want him to sleep with anyone else at the party, but to only watch me, and we could then possibly build up the courage to perform for others. The inner sex minx wanted this so badly.

Would we be accepted?

When I looked at the attendance criteria I did panic a bit. He was 46 and I was 39, would he be allowed. I found out indeed he could as we were a couple. This was a weight lifted as I wasn’t really looking at going on my own and reporting back. Finally, we would add a new element to our already extremely hot sex life. But then the worst thing happened. Just a week or so before the party of our dreams, I found out he had been unfaithful, not once or twice, but throughout our 18 months together. I was devastated. How could this be? It affected my mental state tremendously. I lost my confidence completely. In fact, I never wanted to have sex again. I didn’t feel sexual at all. I wanted nothing to do with sex. I felt humiliated, used, you name it I felt it. It affected my work as it pertains to sensual desires for other people. I was gutted. I immediately cancelled my membership and of course forfeit going to the party, there was no point.

A few months down the line, my paths crossed with Killing Kittens again. I had a chance to speak with someone who worked for them. They heard my story, her words were like a little spark to relight the flame that was put out. Mainly I was told the world of KK is to help empower women, give them confidence. The opportunity came to attend a party, obviously, I would be on my own. I had never been more scared in my life. Mentally I was torn. I so wanted to share the experience with the man, who was of my dreams, but the old me so wanted to try and explore this myself. I made a lot of excuses but then took the leap.

The Party

I was approached by a woman. I could feel the spark. I think she could see the mental battle I was having written over my face. She was there with her husband. We talked about how they were a couple who played together, and sometimes apart. I won’t lie I was so attracted to her and all I could think about was her showing what I would have had if he had accompanied me that evening.

I made it clear to her that I couldn’t do anything with her husband. I am bisexual but I was not ready for dealing with men. She touched me softly and said it was ok. The seconds, felt like mins and then she asked so what do you want to do? I was so high on euphoria I just took her hand and we went up to a room and started to kiss. I hadn’t even noticed the other people in the room. That night mother nature had made her calling so I was very limited in how I could interact with her. But she was not pushy at all. There was a point her husband came through and it’s a bit blurry now but I remember kindly saying I couldn’t play with him and he stood back like a proper gentleman.

Jeez, can this be happening? It was nothing like I thought, it was so sensual, not sleazy. I felt so relaxed despite every single emotion running through my mind at that point in time.

Post Party

The next few days I played it all back. I felt that I was wanting to discover more, but again, my mental state was holding me back. Also, I now discovered I was having a relapse from my medical conditions. I want to be part of this world, but how am I going to do this, not having control of my body?

I then discovered that Killing Kittens had chat groups for its members. Again, a vetting process. Why? Well, to make sure we are talking too who we are talking to. For instance, a man is a man and a girl is a girl. The security of it all was amazing. To take the time out to make sure made me respect Killing Kittens more. I was put in a group for the women only. The level of trust amongst us is amazing. Since joining this group those in it have become a little “family”. There are all sorts of women within this group, from all over the world, in all stages of their lives, with or without kids. I am in between work at the moment, and though we don’t promote our selves, I feel the support from all the members in keeping my headstrong. The power of a group of women is outstanding. Killing Kittens really is a place to explore your sexual power, but also to feel empowered as a woman. Of course, there is a lot of flirting going on too. Everyone’s taste are different, even when it comes to the men. I am part of a few different groups within Killing Kittens, and there is someone for everyone. There are rules to abide by, for both the men and the women. But that level of security just adds to the “luxury” of being part of this exclusive “club”. It’s all about respect, I believe.

Unique me

I am not a barbie doll with nice boobs and a yummy ass, a Kardashian, or don a Gucci bag. Half the time I need to get my daughter to help apply my make up and probably wear heels more in the bedroom than I do in public. Though! There are some girls that fit that description. We are all on an equal playing field in KK. I am part of this world as a short, brown-skinned, bisexual, woman who would like to go the gym if possible, but even so, I have had many interests from both sexes, it’s amazing.

I have forgotten about what’s his name now. BUT if he could see me now. My reasons for joining and why I am now part of Killing Kittens have changed in the last year. What is still the same is I have full control over my female sexuality. I can choose to have or not have sex, I am amongst a society of non-judgemental, “sexually” elite. By this I mean, people who see sex and the body as an art and respect it in a sense. I stress you do not have to have sex if you do not want to. Just the atmosphere alone is enough for people to step into a world of extreme pleasures. This is at parties/events or even just meeting up privately with a member you enjoy as a companion or want to get to know. I have even made a few just friends within KK.

Killing Kittens philosophy has given me strength in regaining my confidence. Still a work in progress and a learning curve, but all enjoyable. The team are working with everyone to make sure that we are always all very happy and our needs are met. I am still yet to find something like it elsewhere, though I am not really looking, as this amazing society gives me exactly what I need in my “so-called” life.

Kitten X

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