How To Make A Woman Squirt

As the World Record Holder for Volume Squirting (solo) – yep, that’s a thing – there’s no one better than Lola Jean to talk us…


Bleeding After Sex: What Does It Mean?

The Killing Kittens team recently caught up with Cheyenne Morgan - WooWoo’s Gynaecological Expert and a Qualified Adult Nurse. In this Q&A session we talk…


Everything You Need To Know About Pronouns

Rounding off Non-Binary Awareness Week, Rachael Davies talks us through everything we needs to know about pronouns We all use pronouns each and every…


Dismantling Womanhood: A Perspective On Gender

Hannah Van-de-Peer writes about her personal journey with gender, reconciling her innate sense of femininity with physical difficulties and societal expectations I initially dismissed…


Eight Gender Critical Misconceptions About Non-Binary People

Today is Non-Binary People’s Day. Non-Binary is still widely misunderstood as a gender identity, despite a long history and increasing visibility of non-binary people in…


Why Gender-Expansive and Inclusive Language Is Important In Heteronormative Spaces

For Non-Binary Awareness Week, Sex Educator Lola Jean writes on the importance of using gender-expansive language – yes, even if you think everyone you’re speaking…


Exploring The World Of Dominants And Submissives

Serena Red talks us through the many and varied dynamics of dominant and submissive relationships So Kittens and Toms, you’ve decided to take a…


Best Positions For Anal Sex

Jessica Parker is back with more anal advice, looking this week at the best positions for pleasurable anal sex The best positions for anal…


How To Use A Condom Without Being Awkward

Cock-sock. Johnny. Raincoat. Rubber. Whatever you call them, it’s time to start using condoms without being awkward – by Blog Editor, Esme Mahoney Ah,…


10 Creative Places To Make Love

As the weather gets warmer there’s something to be said for getting a bit creative with fun locations to have sex…Serena Red talks us through…


How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Qualified massage therapist, certified sexological bodyworker and sensual events manager Jessica Parker has some top tips on how to prepare for anal sex The…


What Is Polyamory? Tips and Insight From Poly-People

Writer Rachael Davis talks to some real-life polyamorous people, proving that polyamory is about so much more than an extra body in bed.  When…


How To Come Out As An Adult

Rachael Davis talks us through the challenges and rewards of coming out later in life, with useful tips and guidance on how to navigate this…


Bollywood Dreams

Seduction, sandalwood, and one insatiable Kitten…read on for the latest red hot story from erotic writer and Killing Kittens member Harsha A message pings from WhatsApp.


What Does Pride Look Like In 2021?

Writer Charlotte Moore takes a look at the history of Pride, reminding us to never forget that Pride began as a protest.  The sun…


LGBTQIA+ Content Creators To Follow

Blog Editor Esme Mahoney suggests some top social feeds to follow if your Instagram is feeling a little #straight.  Pride Month might nearly be…


What Is Enthusiastic Consent?

What do we mean when we use the phrase “enthusiastic consent”, and why is it important? Writer Rachael Davies (she/her) explores how enthusiastic consent can…


How Polyamory Helps Me Manage BPD

Are three boyfriends better than one when it comes to borderline personality disorder? Writer Frankie Falls explores how her relationship setup supported her symptoms.   Lockdown…


Ways Men Can Get More Involved with Sex Positivity

Often Toms feel on the outside of sex positivity, even when they might need it most. Here’s some ways men can get more engaged with…


How to Talk to Your Partner About Erectile Dysfunction

For a lot of Kittens and Toms, erectile dysfunction can be really difficult to talk about. With a little help from Mojo and men…


Actually, Disabled Women Do Have Sex (and They Love it, Too)

Writer Melissa Parker is tired of misconceptions and outdated notions about disability in sex. Drawing on her own experience and speaking to other disabled women,…

killing kittens dating after lockdown

From Sexting to Hook-Ups: Navigating Sex Coming Out Of Lockdown

Many kittens and toms have been sexting and phone-flirting during the months stuck inside. Now that restrictions are easing, it’s time to meet IRL instead,…


How to Stimulate Your Clit When Masturbating

Journalist Emma Flint teaches us how to use the clitoris for amazing masturbation sessions.  For some Kittens and Toms, finding your clitoris is second nature….

pansexuality visibility day

Myths About Pansexuality

This Pansexual Visibility Day, pan journalist Harriet Williamson demystifies the misconceptions surrounding the sexuality.  My name is Harriet and I’m proudly pansexual. I choose…