Sex Toys Survey: The Results

The results are in for one of our most widely anticipated surveys! You replied in your hundreds, and we loved your honest answers.

It wasn’t hard to get you lot to take a sex survey, and we send a massive thanks to the saucy Je Joue for the simply huge prize that one of you lucky respondents is going to win. Your lockdown is undoubtedly going to be far less dull with £1000 worth of toys to keep you occupied!

Here are a few things we learned from our KK sex toy survey!

Have you used a sex toy at work?

30% of you said yes!

At work? Where are you playing, people? Under your desk, in the broom cupboard, toilet? We guess that’s one perk of working from home…

We love the thought of a cheeky little orgasm to propel you through the working day.

Do you carry a sex toy around with you when you’re out and about?

A saucy 19% of you do stash a little something in your handbag.

Quick pit-stop in a coffee shop toilet for a fast and furious blast of the vibrator? Hedging your bets on your date going better than expected? Or are you heading to meet with fellow KK members to discuss the latest gadget?

Book Clubs just turned a corner and became Toy Clubs. We’re in!

Have you ever used a sex toy whilst on public transport?

17% said yes.

Say what?! We wish we’d expanded on this question and asked for details. Watch this space for a whole other survey on how the heck you used a sex toy on public transport!

Have you used sex toys during a video call?

A whopping 67% of you said yes.

Technically, KK Your House Parties are a video call (we love throwing all kinds of sex parties!) so we love that you’ve bought props for the party. They are welcome anytime!

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Would you like your partner to surprise you with a sex toy during sex?

Yes – 96%.

Wow! Please, people, TAKE NOTE. Go forth and clean those toys, position them within reach, and whip them out ASAP!

How many toys do you own?

We’re going to break this one down from the top whilst playing a crescendo-building drum roll in the background.

  • 57% of you own between 1–10 toys
  • 30% of you own between 11–20 toys
  • 4% of you own between 21–30 toys

What’s missing? (Cue drum roll at its loudest) Where’s the other 7% of you?

  • 7% of you own so many you’ve lost count and could open a shop. 

To this 7% of you, Killing Kittens and sex toy manufacturers around the globe salute you!

Are vegan, eco-friendliness, and/or sustainability important to you when choosing sex toys?

58% said no.

The general consensus was that it hadn’t been considered but would be an added bonus if toys were eco-friendly and sustainable.

For those of you looking to kick-start your eco-friendly pleasure journey, take a look at Love Not War. With a range of stylish and pleasurable heads attachable to the base unit, you can create multiple toys in one!

Out of the options below, which is your favourite toy?

  • Vibrator – 46%
  • Wand – 37%
  • Dildo – 11%
  • Fleshlight – 3%

Father Christmas, take note.

How often do you use sex toys?

55% of you said weekly, and 20% of you said daily.

And to the 4% of you who said you use sex toys multiple times a day: please take care of your bits and bobs!

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A little additional information supplied direct from you Killing Kittens

And now, putting the stats aside, here are some tips and tricks from you saucy lot in answer to some of our questions.

What’s your favourite toy to use on your own and why?

  • A butt plug and cock ring at the same time makes me cum extremely hard.
  • Rabbit vibrator and kegel exercise app-controlled toy.
  • A dildo and a Ladyfinger for DP training.
  • Mains vibrator wand: I’m a convulsing state of a human in at least 10 seconds.
  • A bullet from Ann Summers: perfect size to keep in a pocket, with great power.

What’s your favourite toy to use with one or more partners?

  • Dildos and anal beads: Dildos for 69 and anal beads on their own or during sex.
  • My Sona on my clit with my husband inside me because the orgasms are INSANE.
  • Double-ended dildos.
  • Blindfolds and restraints to enhance the senses.
  • Tail plug because I like having it tugged for extra play.

And last but by no means least!

Surely, with so much action going on, we thought you lot must have a sex toys toy story each…? We weren’t wrong!

What’s your most embarrassing, silliest, or funniest sex toys story?

  • My girlfriend shot a vibrator out when she squeezed, and it hit me in the face.
  • I was curling my hair and horny and thought, could I possibly fuck my dildo whilst doing my hair? It’s safe to say I incurred a few burns, but it was well worth it!
  • We played a task game over Zoom in lockdown (UK), and we had to find something with a story. In the 10 seconds allowed, I panicked and grabbed my butt plug. I was fine with it, but my boyfriend was so embarrassed. He got the points in the end because the game leader felt so bad for him!
  • My dog came downstairs with a rabbit vibrator in its mouth whilst I was having coffee with friends!
  • Lost anal beads required long-nosed pliers to remove.
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Grab your toy arsenal, go forth, and get playing!

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