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A Look at our Kittens World

Hi, I am Emma Sayle, founder, and CEO of Killing Kittens. As we approach our 12th Birthday with much to celebrate, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new, improved blog, to explain to you why I started Killing Kittens, our vision for the future, and of course to meet the team behind the madness and find out what KK means to them.

My Vision

As the founder of Killing Kittens, I’ve been at the forefront of helping women express their sexuality for 12 years. From day one in 2005 I’ve wanted to create a world in which women feel safe to explore their sexuality, where they’re empowered and in control, a world both online and offline where women have each other’s backs, so no matter where you are in the world, you are not alone. That’s the Kittens world where you don’t need a hero you can become you’re own shero!

Within the last 12 years, women’s sexuality has been thrust out into the open alongside all the dating apps, high-street sex shops, and It’s been fascinating watching the changes in how relationships, women, and the world of dating operates. With the speed of change in the dating and relationship sphere, we’ve had to constantly evolve how we communicate with our customers to ensure that we provide them with the same promise of safety and openness we made 12 years ago.

My aim for the future

I want to make KK all inclusive so no matter your age, religion or race you can become part of the Kittens world, be empowered and feel part of the Kittens world Kommunity. 2017 has been the year of the digital Kitten we know we’ve needed to step up our digital/ tech world and that’s what we intend to do. So, 2018 brace brace…. #itsakittensworld

Meet the team, Killing Kittens HQ


Hi, I’m Cleo. Your UK events Director and London host. I love the freedom that KK gives our members. It’s empowering but also gives people a sense of belonging. Belonging to a Kommunity of like-minded, strong, powerful women. A kommunity where people are building each other up rather than tearing each other down.
Our mission is to inspire other women to take control of their sexuality without fear or feeling ashamed of what ‘society’ might think.


Hi, I am Karolina, Operations Director at Killing Kittens. KK is the first female-run company I have worked for and it feels great! It taught me how to combine and manage motherhood and career, whilst being supported by a network of strong women.


Hello, I am Hadleigh, an honourary Kitten. I head up the digital and strategy at Killing Kittens. I choose to become a part of Killing Kittens journey forward as I believe KK is a movement which empowers women to embrace their sexuality without being judged. I believe it has been too long that women have been labelled & stigmatised, where males have not.


Hi, I’m Georgie and I am Customer Services Director. Why I love working for KK…. It’s an amazing opportunity to be part of an inspiring group of women, each working for the common goal of empowering women and creating a safe environment whether it be at parties or online. Office banter takes on a whole new meaning at KK HQ!


Hi, my name is Kamila and I take care of Kurious nights. Working for Killing Kittens is definitely challenging but it has made me feel confident in myself. Killing Kittens is a brand that stands for female empowerment and for me it’s a movement that changes the way we feel about sex, ourselves and other people.


Hi, I’m Tash and I curate the blog for Killing Kittens. For me, KK is a company I am super proud to be a part of. Through the blog and the KIK groups, I get to share the journeys of some of our amazing members. To watch the empowerment, healing and confidence that KK gives to our Kittens just blows me away every day. And to work with a team such as KK, well, of course, as you can imagine, it’s great fun!


Hey guys! I’m Krystal. I’m the Social Media Executive, Koms and Event Host. I also do the vetting. KK is a great safe space for women to be and feel empowered and in control.


I am Lou, Manager of KK North events. I was drawn to KK as it is a rare company where women really do come first (pardon the pun). Welcoming Guests to experience a KK Party is a real thrill, and to see Kittens leave purring with pleasure is a job like no other! I love making life more Kitten!


Hi, I’m the U.S.A Organizer. Killing Kittens to me:

It’s Female Sexual Empowerment on steroids
-It’s my personal freedom, without misogyny to explore my most sensual desires in a judgment-free zone.
-It’s my shameless pleasure to be a secret vixen behind closed doors, which would never be allowed in my real world of Church, family, and business.
-It’s my freedom to sin without remorse.


Hey! I am Layla and I am thrilled to introduce myself as the Party Host for Killing Kittens Melbourne, Australia!
My role is to ensure guests get the most pleasure and enjoyment from our fabulous sultry play parties! It’s a pleasure to have been asked to take on the role, which I absolutely love. For me, personally, I am very open minded and sex-positive, so I think Killing Kittens is a fantastic delicious alternative kommunity to be part of, where people are free to be exactly what they want to be. A big shout out also to the female empowerment that KK provides. People within our Kink Kommunity desire gorgeous glamourous play friends (and venues to match) I love the fact that KK always delivers on this – we are classy, a cut above the rest and ensure our guests have a ridiculously good time! My role is fun, fab and exciting and I have met some truly lovely people. I feel proud to be part of this unique KK Journey. Come say Hi if you’re ever in Melbourne! x


Hi I’m Georgia or on the litterbox Miss KK, I look after our Australian team and events. I started working for KK in 2015 and have never looked back. Killing Kittens isn’t just a party. It’s a community of open-minded nonjudgmental fun loving people. I believe it gives women a safe space to indulge and explore. In an age where it was only acceptable for men to enjoy themselves sexually KK came along and gave patriarchy the finger and has only gotten bigger and better and continues to do so. Ran by women for women, it has never strayed from its core values.


Hello, I’m Lexie. Party Host for Killing Kittens, Perth. I love KK because it’s about women. It’s safe for women, and sexy for women. So many young people are seeking to explore in a safe and healthy way and these parties give them an opportunity to meet like-minded people and enjoy an occasion of pure decadence and sensuality. It’s my pleasure to invite people into this world, to help them overcome the stigmas, and to allow them to play, enjoy and experience their sexuality in an environment that doesn’t compromise on quality.


So that is the Killing Kittens HQ. We hope you enjoy the new blog, and always welcome contributions from our members.

Heres to the next 12 years of horny happy empowered fun !

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