The biggest Killing Kittens party ever

If you think you know KK, think again.

We’re kicking two years of Covid to the curb, KK style, with our biggest, baddest and most outrageous event to date.

Kittens and Toms, you better get ready.

The KK Pre New Year’s party has always been extremely popular, but this is going to blow your minds.

Picture the scene: a secret venue in central London transformed into the playspace of your wildest fantasies. Performers entertain the crowd, music hums through the speakers and whips crack in not one but two dungeon play spaces.

And when we say crowd, you better believe we mean it... we don’t want to give too much away just yet, but this is guaranteed to be the biggest KK event to date. Open only to 100% verified KK members, this is the KK you know and love scaled up.

This venue, never seen before at a KK event, is a cavernous kingdom of fantasy and desire where you can let the night unfold in whatever way you want. Explore the play spaces, dive into the dungeons or simply dance your way towards 2022.

This will be the ultimate KK event, a night like no other.

Make sure you don’t miss out.

What To Wear:

This is no time for half measures - let’s give 2021 the send-off it deserves. Bring out your finery for this, the biggest KK event in history. Sparkles, seductive suits, lingerie, lace, leather. And of course you must also wear your mask...at least until 10:30pm.

If you want a little visual inspiration, check out our pinterest board here.

What Will Happen...?

What happens at KK stays at KK...All you need to know is doors open at 8:30pm with strictly no entry after 9:30pm. Start the night as you mean to go on, with a decadent drinks reception resplendent with oysters and caviar. Masks can come off at 10:30pm, when you’re free to begin exploring the playspaces (and each other). From midnight the dancefloor is the place to be. Join the crowd of Kittens and Toms in various states of déshabillé and dance your way into the small hours of the morning.

Who Can Attend?

In the world of KK it's the Kittens who are in charge. Only Kittens can invite Toms to come and play, and it's Kittens who must make the first move.

Kittens, you will need to be a member of our Kitten's Association and your Toms must be Party Approved and invited to attend. Single Kittens, you are more than welcome to come and play. Toms, as much as we love and lust after you, you're the guests in our bold new world.

All Booked?

We’ll email you out the rules, regulations and the full venue address 24 hours before the party. Two weeks before the event you can head to the KK Chat app and jump into the pre-party group. Only available to people that have tickets, this is where you can connect with other Kittens and Toms, ask any questions you might have, or arrange a pre-party drink. It’s the perfect place to start building anticipation...

Your Safety Is Our Priority:

Safety, security and discretion are key to a KK event. We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that we have a network of measures in place to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your evening with us.

Entry is only possible with your personalised e-ticket. Think of it as your passport - if there isn't a photographic match, there will be no entry.

Entry to all KK events is subject to signing an NDA, showing a photo ID, and is always at the management’s discretion.

New Year's Ball is a signature Killing Kittens event. Sign up codes are not valid for this event.



New Year's Ball


Date and Time

Wednesday 29th Dec 21
20:30 GMT


Kitten Ticket

Kitten + Guest Ticket

Dress Code

Bring out your finery for this, the biggest KK event in history. Sparkles, seductive suits, lingerie, lace, leather. And of course you must also wear your mask!

Event Type

KK Party