David will be guiding you on his core principles of what it takes to be authentic attractive.

So many of the models we are taught on how to "be attractive" are centred around the idea that we have to do something external to be attractive or that we have to put on an act to manipulate our date or lover into finding us attractive.

But I have come to find that after years of dating and then meeting incredible people, being attractive is at our core. We just don't know how to access it. Most of what we are told reinforces our internal fear that we aren't good enough.

In this masterclass, David will be guiding you on my core principles of what it takes to be authentically attractive. He will show you how to let your inner confidence shine through and allow you to attract the type of people you desire and are on your wavelength.

He has developed this class over a decade of coaching people to date from a place of authenticity, openness, confidence and free of overthinking.

David has distilled 15 years of his own dating experience and self-development work, which has brought him to a place of expressing my most profound truth and authenticity.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to stop overthinking
  • Develop Natural charisma and playfulness
  • The reasons you are not attracting people that are on your wavelength
  • Why authenticity is so attractive
  • What you need to let go of to embody your naturally attractive self
  • The three strategies people employ to be attractive that do the opposite.
  • The nine things you need to embody to be authentically attractive
  • Learn how to overcome your fears of expressing your vulnerability(NEW EXERCISES ADDED)
  • How to deeply connect with your masculine and feminine energy (NEW EXERCISES ADDED)
  • Techniques for igniting your sexual energy(NEW EXERCISES ADDED)

This class is not:

  • Going to give you "Say this" and "Do this" lines
  • Going to show you how to pretend to be authentic
  • A place where you will reinforce your blame on others for your dating and relationships woes

This event is for:

  • For people that want to take responsibility for their dating lives and relationships
  • Men and women who want to embody their masculine or feminine energy
  • Who wants to make a change in their dating lives and relationships
  • Those who want to develop self-awareness

Join David Chambers, the host of The Authentic Man Podcast, men's dating & intimacy coach, for this incredible masterclass.

*This event is for all genders*

*This event will be a safe space to be open, honest and vulnerable*

Please note: This event is not hosted by KK.

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Being Authentically Attractive - Online Masterclass


Date and Time

Thursday 9th Dec 21
19:30 GMT


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