Nudity Note: This is a practical masterclass. There will be no nudity on screen, and no need for any nudity from masterclass participants. Get comfy, listen and learn.

This is an introductory masterclass designed to teach you about the tantalising aspects of tantra. This session is for couples only, as we will be looking at partnered exercises.

People who regularly experience pleasure are healthier and happier than others. Tantra offers a whole new (ancient) way of being in sexual connection that allows for deeper levels of feeling, sensation, and super pleasurable experiences.

Join our masterclass to learn how to supercharge your sex life, the benefits of tantra and how to get started with tantric practices today to take your sex life to a new whole new level.

This masterclass will include:

  • What is tantra and how it can create deeper intimacy with yourself and your partner.
  • How to get started with tantric practices.
  • How presence can bring new dimensions to pleasure.
  • Mastering sexual energy.
  • Steps on how to reach orgasmic peaks.
  • Tantric rituals – an introduction.

About Asa and David

Asa Baav is a dating and relationship coach, matchmaker and founder of Tailor Matched, a matchmaking agency on a mission to normalize sexual compatibility in dating. Through her tantric journey, she has learned and experienced new depths of connection and pleasure.

David Chambers, the founder of The Authentic Man, is on a mission to empower men to create the exciting and profoundly connected dating lives, sex lives and relationships they long for by developing their true authentic selves.

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A Beginner's Guide To Couples Tantra


Date and Time

Sunday 20th Mar 22
17:00 GMT


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KK Masterclass