Nudity Note: You will not be asked to get naked in this workshop. Get comfy, watch, learn, and most importantly have fun!

Sex coach and striptease teacher Ruth Ramsay is back with another class, helping you perfect a new skill to delight a partner, impress at a KK party, or enjoy as part of a self-celebration routine! 

This workshop will include:

* Ruth teaching (and demonstrating) how the basics of striptease and erotic dance can be adapted and applied to 1-2-1 performance.

* Techniques for lap-dancing and bed-dancing. Yes – bed-dancing! Don’t have a chair for your partner to sit on while you lap-dance? If you have a double bed (or bigger), this is the answer!

* Tips and tricks to improve your performance.

* A lap-dance routine to tantalise and tease...

Ruth will give a demo and re-cap the basics of striptease and movement, before teaching the adaptations and extra considerations for both types of private dancing. As usual with Ruth’s classes there will be no need to memorise moves (she will be leading you through the routine every time), and a tipsheet will be shared by KK afterwards.

Ruth Ramsay is a sex coach with a background as a striptease artist and erotic activist. Her dancing and campaigning took her from kink dungeons and Times Square penthouse parties, to care homes and the Houses Of Parliament. She now combines transformational coaching with this lived experience, supporting clients to deeply understand who they are erotically, what they need, and how to communicate this to partners. Her life’s mission is the recognition of sexual energy as a force for good.

Please note: This event is not hosted by KK.

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How To Give An Unforgettable Lap Dance


Date and Time

Tuesday 24th May 22
20:00 GMT


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Dress Code

Comfortable attire

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KK Masterclass