Nudity Note: This is a webinar style workshop. There will be no nudity on screen, and no need for any nudity from participants. Get comfy, listen and learnAre you ready to feel vibrant and turned on?
Are you ready to explore the juiciness of your body, pleasure, and desires?
Are you ready to let go of inhibitions and discover delicious play?

Perhaps there was a time when you felt more playful and carefree, before you started to censor your expression and downplay your power, learning that sensuality and pleasure was wrong. Now, out of fear of what others would think, maybe you hide, shame and suppress these parts of yourself.Often somewhere along the way of growing up we learn to be suspicious of our truth and sensuality, leading to confusion and disconnect. It can even leave us wondering if pleasure is somehow unsafe for us to experience.On the 9th of July we are creating the playroom of permission for you to be your most erotic self and encourage you to let go of inhibitions, shame and restrictions.Together we will explore:

  • Embodied wisdom through tantra, breath work, play and erotic energy
  • Learn about what erotic energy is and how to embody it in a way that feels good
  • Ways to connect to your soul truth and inner wisdom
  • Exploring feminine archetypes and power
  • Rituals to release the old parts of you that you no longer serve your future self and what your heart desires

You will discover:

  • How to harness the power of sensual pleasure through playfulness
  • How to reclaim your sensual nature
  • How to develop a sense of safety in your body as you connect with your sensual and erotic self

This Workshop Is For Kittens Only.
Asa Baav is a Female Coach and Tantra Practitioner
Asa initiates women around the world to become powerful creators in their love life . She helps clients to end relationship self-sabotage so that they can choose the freedom of stepping into their truth and dialing up their emotional and sexual expression. Asa works to help people form deeply satisfying romantic relationships, inside and outside the bedroom.Mel Howard-Dobson is a Self Esteem and Breath Coach and Facilitator
Mel leads women back into her own heart’s direction, befriending her own feminine wisdom, and her soul's true radiance and supports women wanting to create a change in their life, follow dreams and goals through trusting their creativity and inviting in more freedom and joy.



Erotic Energy Embodied - KITTENS ONLY


Date and Time

Saturday 9th Jul 22
19:30 BST


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Comfortable attire

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