Nudity Note: You will not be asked to get naked in this workshop. Watch, learn, and most importantly have fun!

Whatever you imagine stripping out of, wherever you imagine doing it and for whom, there are certain basics to consider that will ensure your performance is a huge success! Experienced striptease artist and teacher Ruth Ramsay will share the secrets of the creative prep, theory and mindset that underlies a great performance. 

This workshop will include:

* An introduction to the basics of striptease.

* A walk-through of a feather boa routine, incorporating what you’ve learnt.

* Answers to all your striptease questions.

There will be no removal of clothes in this workshop. All welcome, whatever your mobility level or experience. 

Ruth - aka award-winning stripper Solitaire - danced full-time for 12 years. Her career saw her perform on stages as diverse as London East End pubs; Manhattan lapdance clubs; at street demos for sex workers’ rights; in care homes; and at fetish clubs. She has also taught striptease extensively – from private Mayfair hen parties to women’s activist groups to events for people with disabilities - and it remains one of her favourite things to do. She is also a sex and intimacy life coach, and uses striptease with her clients to help embody their learning.  

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Striptease: Down To Basics


Date and Time

Tuesday 9th Aug 22
20:00 BST


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Dress Code

From gym-wear to glammed-up – anything goes, so long as you can move easily and feel sexy.

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