Nudity Note: This is a webinar style workshop. There will be no nudity on screen, and no need for any nudity from participants. Get comfy, listen and learn

Do you feel closed off from receiving the love your heart desires?

Are you ready to no longer see your vulnerability, sensitivity and your emotional self as a burden - but instead a strength and super power?

Perhaps there is a big part of you that craves freedom, expression, and connecting to your heart and soul truth, but there is also a fear around letting go of structure, control and taking action…

Embracing your feminine essence doesn’t have to be complicated.

However it does require slowing down from the fast-paced world we live in to surrender fully into the present moment of your being – and that can be challenging. But for those brave enough to challenge society’s idea of what it means to be empowered, the rewards can be expansive.

In this Workshop Asa will cover:

:heart: How to reconnect with yourself and the love life you desire

:heart:  How to harness your feminine energy

:heart: How to naturally embody a range of different types energy

:heart: How to increase your capacity to receive love and pleasure

:heart: Integrating fierce self-love in your everyday life

Asa Baav is a women's coach, couples coach, and matchmaker. She is on a mission to help busy professionals attract, grow and deepen deeply satisfying romantic relationships, inside and outside the bedroom - no matter where they are in their dating and relationship journey.

As a coach Asa initiates women to become powerful creators in their love life, by increasing their capacity for love, pleasure and abundance, by ending relationships to self sabotage. She encourages them to step into their soul truth and to dial up their emotional and sexual expression, forming deep self love.

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Harness Your Feminine Energy KITTENS ONLY


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Thursday 20th Oct 22
19:00 BST


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