Nudity Note: This is a webinar style workshop. There will be no nudity on screen, and no nudity from participants. Get comfy, listen and learn. Please bring a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes and reflect. 

Have you ever fantasised about being taken by a stranger against your will? Well, you’re not alone. Consensual-non consent is a common kink that is often not talked about because of its taboo, but in this workshop, we are going to talk openly about how to explore this style of role play.

In this workshop, we will be exploring:

  • What CNC is and isn’t 

  • Why do people like it?

  • The role of “top” and “bottom”

  • Consent, consent, consent

  • Trauma and CNC

  • Top tips for exploring a CNC fantasy 

TW: This workshop may be triggering for anyone who has experienced a non-consensual event. We will be talking openly about rape-fantasy and other types of non-consensual activities. Please be aware of this and make informed judgement before choosing to attend. 

Sarah from Sub in the City is a BDSM Coach, Kink Educator, and proudly collard submissive with over a decade of experience on the BDSM Scene. She’s on a mission to bring BDSM into the 21st Century and empower curious kinksters to consciously explore what BDSM means to them. Sarah does this via a variety of workshops, events and coaching.

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Consensual Non-Consent: When No Means Yes


Date and Time

Thursday 1st Dec 22
19:30 GMT


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