Nudity Note: This is a webinar style workshop. There will be no nudity on screen, and no need for any nudity from participants. Get comfy, listen and learn

In this workshop, I will show how you can lead your relationships from a place of love, connectedness, confidence and passion so that all partners can find fulfillment and joy in your relationship/s with each other. 

We often get into a relationship and think all the hard work is done and now we can put our feet up and relax. I myself have done this many times, which has always (in my experience) led to the slow death of those relationships.

Has this happened to you, or is it happening to you now? So many of people are in relationships that: 

  • Lack sexual connection and passion

  • Are defined by disconnect, arguments and imbalance 

  • Are being ruined by your relationship fears and childhood wounds

  • Feel more like a friendship than a passionate relationship

  • One or both/all partners experience as boring

  • Aren’t progressing, deepening and escalating towards what you want, like marriage and children

Why does this happen?

Through a lack of communication between partners, a lack of emotional honesty with oneself and others, and fears about expressing these emotions or trying to lead the relationship. 

Leadership can be scary, especially in intimate relationships, as we have many fears, such as:

  • Making mistakes

  • Being dominating

  • Having our ideas or ourselves rejected

  • Being emotionally attacked by our partner

Lots of people also feel that they are lacking in confidence in their ability to lead and/or to communicate effectively what they want. 

These fears and insecurities, combined with some of the common relationship pitfalls outlined above, are a recipe for turmoil, stress and frustration. 

In this workshop, I will be taking you through: 

  • How we aren't actually listening to each other

  • Why your relationships fears are a doorway to connection

  • Avoiding miscommunication

  • How to turn conflict into connection

  • Creating deeper intimacy

  • Why you need relationships vision

This workshop is open to everyone. 

David is a Men’s Dating & Intimacy Coach. Who empowers men to create authentic attraction, build deep connections, embody healthy masculinity and connected sexual intimacy. By helping them build self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-leadership. Guiding men to do the deep inner work in dating and intimacy.

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Relationships Leadership


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Tuesday 6th Dec 22
19:30 GMT


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