Nudity Note: There will be on-screen nudity as part of this masterclass, both still (photographs) and live (demonstration model). You will not need to be seen on screen for the duration of the masterclass, but we do request that cameras remain on. You do not need to be nude for the masterclass. 

Jessica Parker’s penis massage masterclass is a fun, informative and interactive session. Learn to massage your own or your partner’s penis by 'stroking along' with a live demonstration.

This masterclass will involve: 

* An introduction to basic penis anatomy.

* Techniques for preparing the body to give and or receive gential massage.

* Learning about different penis massage strokes, with guided instruction.

* A demonstration on a live model, so you can see exactly how to do each move.

We recommend you bring a partner or dildo to practice on throughout the masterclass if you are not someone with a penis of your own! If you attend with a partner there will be time for you to both be the 'giver', if you attend by yourself Jessica will be giving self massage adaptations during the demo.

This masterclass is open to all people regardless of whether you have a partner to massage during the workshop or not. 

Jessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, certified sexological bodyworker and sensual events manager. Her work is based around supporting people to discover their true pleasure potential through tailored sex education and events. 

Please note: This masterclass is not hosted by KK and may be advertised on other platforms.

All of our Educators and their classes are approved and recommended by Killing Kittens.

Camera Etiquette: 

At the beginning of the masterclass we will request that your cameras are on so we can check you off the attendee list. Please note that all attendees need to have purchased a ticket, so if we see that there are more people in your group we will kindly ask you to secure additional tickets. 

For the remainder of the session we ask that you please keep your camera on. You don't have to have it facing you during the 'stroke-along' part:  you can turn your camera away from yourself, if possible. This just makes it easier for our support crew to monitor that there is no recording of any kind and creates a nicer atmosphere than a whole lot of black screens. 



Penis Massage


Date and Time

Monday 27th Feb 23
21:00 GMT


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Dress Code

Comfortable attire

Event Type

KK Masterclass