Nudity Note: You will not be asked to get naked in this workshop. Get comfy, watch, learn, and most importantly have fun!

Fantasies: we all have them, but sharing them can be one of our deepest taboos.

The latest research on fantasies blows the lid off our assumptions - who's fantasising what, and how often. For example, did you know that people socialised as women growing up are most likely to fantasise about being 'adult babies'? Or that those socialised as men are most likely to have gender-fluid fantasies? Can you guess what the number-one most common fantasy is?

In this workshop, sex coach Ruth Ramsay will share what shapes our fantasy landscape, as individuals and culturally; where our fantasies come from; the clever ways in which they are boosting our mental health; how to judge whether to share them with a partner… And the big question: whether to bring them into reality.

Join Ruth for a fascinating, informative workshop, during which you’ll have the opportunity to analyse your own top fantasies.

Ruth Ramsay is a sex coach with a background as a striptease artist and erotic activist. Her dancing and campaigning took her from kink dungeons and Times Square penthouse parties, to care homes and the Houses Of Parliament. She now combines transformational coaching with this lived experience, supporting clients to deeply understand who they are erotically, what they need, and how to communicate this to partners. Her life’s mission is the recognition of sexual energy as a force for good.

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Exploring Your Sexual Fantasies


Date and Time

Thursday 27th Apr 23
20:00 GMT


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