Nudity Note: This online event is a seminar-style workshop and no play/nudity is involved. 

Are you exploring your submissive side but want a deeper understanding of what submission means to you? Perhaps you’d attended my Introduction to Submission class (although you don’t need to have been to this to join this class) and now want to dive a bit deeper into your role as a submissive, what you want out of submission, and learn how to be the best submissive you can be for yourself and your partner(s).

Step into your Submission will get you thinking about your own individual submissive identity and experience, and how you can continue to shape your submissive lifestyle in a way that you and your Dominant enjoy.

I’ll cover topics such as:

  • What is Submission?
  • Understanding your submissive style
  • Identifying areas of resistance & pushing limits safely
  • Bratting vs Topping from the bottom
  • How to embrace your submissive identity (with or without a partner)
  • Collaring and self-collaring
  • Training, tasks and punishment
  • Aftercare and self-care as a submissive

You do not need to be in a D/s dynamic or relationship to attend this class. This will be a safe space for you to voice your concerns, fears and blockages to help you work towards being the best submissive you can be.

Sarah from Sub in the City is a BDSM Coach, Kink Educator, and proudly collard submissive with over a decade of experience on the BDSM Scene. She’s on a mission to bring BDSM into the 21st Century and empower curious kinksters to consciously explore what BDSM means to them. Sarah does this via a variety of workshops, events and coaching.

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Step into your Submission


Date and Time

Thursday 1st Jun 23
19:30 BST


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<p>Comfortable attire</p>

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