Introducing Slow Dating - An evening of slow dating as singles journey through meeting each other and activating the eroticism of the senses with Tailor Matched.

Lets swap speed dating and opt into slow dating as you journey through your wants, needs and desires all the meanwhile connecting one on one with like-minded curious singles who seek playful connection on a deep level.

You will start the evening by being welcomed with a drink on arrival and be eased into a relaxing and explorative evening by team Tailor Matched where they invite you to celebrate yourself, the others in the room and sensual experiences.

Slow Dating will start at 7 pm and you will consciously connect one on one with individuals at your leisure and with the depth you feel comfortable to create the experiences you truly want to have.

We’d love the individuals that attend this event to arrive

with a curious, engaged and open mind

and to interact in deeper, more meaningful conversation

and be their most authentic selves

to have an open mind about the activation of the senses

to connect with others with curiosity and questions

to the small talk and bring a social mood and explore real chemistry with us.

How the evening will work

  • You’ll be greeted by our team and welcomed with a drink on arrival
  • There will be an exercise to ground into the evening of deep connectivity
  • You’ll be moving around the room embracing naughty talk, quirkiness, kinkiness, authenticness, sensuality and engaging with real people who are curious about their wants, desires and dating.
  • You’ll have longer dates than speed dating events and a break to grab a drink at the bar
  • There will be items to activate your senses as you work your way around the room establishing connected conversation, compatibility and sharing your deepest thoughts about what you want both inside and outside of the bedroom - in love and in life.

Team Tailor Matched encourage fun, naughty and authentic conversations throughout the evening and we want you to leave feeling liberated, fulfilled and deeply connected to yourself and others conversational.

Please note: This event is not hosted by WeAreX.



Slow Speed Dating: An Evening Of Making Connections

JOAN Shoreditch

Date and Time

Thursday 6th Jul 23
18:30 BST


Dress Code

<p>Smart casual</p>

Event Type