Join this empowering workshop to break free from limiting relationship patterns and build the fulfilling, healthy partnership you deserve. Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones and take control of your love life. If you feel stuck and unsure how to change these patterns, we are here to guide you.

If relationships feel like an emotional rollercoaster, you consistently attract emotionally unavailable partners, or find yourself hiding parts of yourself in relationships, this workshop is for you. We'll help you uncover the subconscious messages learned from past experiences and replace them with supportive patterns.

In the workshop, you'll discover the secrets to shedding old patterns, uncover the influence of childhood experiences on your love life, and level up your behaviour and thoughts with the superpower of brain flexibility! We'll also dive into why you keep making the same funny little relationship blunders and show you the escape route from those pesky cycles. Get ready for a lighthearted adventure towards healthier, happier connections!

This workshop is designed for singles and couples seeking to improve their understanding of relationships. No prior knowledge or experience is required. Take actionable steps towards the love story you desire.

Tailor Matched is a thought leading matchmaking agency based in the UK, operating internationally, that connects singles based on compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. They are the only dating agency worldwide that creates personal introductions based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility.

Your host - Julia helps individuals transform their limiting beliefs, heal their wounded and dysregulated 'parts' & learn to reconnect with their authentic self, so they can feel inner peace, freedom and vitality. With greater connectivity and grounding, we naturally begin to live in accord with our unique purpose, and manifest experiences, abundance and connections to support our path towards living the expansive story we are here to tell”

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Unleashing Healthy Connections: Breaking Free from Toxic Relationships


Date and Time

Sunday 4th Jun 23
20:00 BST


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<p>Comfortable attire</p>

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