Nudity Note: There will be no nudity as part of this workshop. 

Candid, honest, fun and informative. In this talk, Jessica Parker offers no-nonsense answers about sex parties based on her vast & varied experience as sex party organiser. If you've ever been curious about what a sex party is (or isn't!) or have specific questions you'd like answered then this talk is for you.

This talk will involve:

  • A brief intro to what is involved in a sex party. We’ll look at what the differences and similarities are when it comes to different types of parties, ie: swingers, fetish, kink, sensual, large scale or more intimate.
  • Details about how Jessica got into running sex parties and sensual events and what her advice is for people looking to explore.
  • Jessica’s top tips for people who might be nervous or lack confidence.
  • Advice on how to go about exploring sex parties on your own or within a relationship.

For this talk, you can enter any specific questions you want answered upon checkout. There will also be time to ask questions in the chat box during the talk.

Some examples of common questions are:

  • What are the rules and general sex party etiquette? 
  • How do I navigate consent and safe sex during a party?
  • What if my partner wants to play more than I do?
  • What do I wear to a sex party?

Please don’t be afraid to ask questions - no question is too silly or specific! 

Jessica Parker is a highly qualified and experienced massage therapist, certified sexological bodyworker and sensual events manager. Her work is based around supporting people to discover their true pleasure potential through tailored sex education and events. 

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Play Parties 101


Date and Time

Wednesday 4th Oct 23
21:00 BST


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<p>Comfortable attire</p>

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