Nudity Note: This is not a practical workshop – you will not be asked to get naked, and there will be no nudity on screen. Get comfy, listen and learn.

Would you love to feel more confident naked – be that in the bedroom, or at your first Killing Kittens party?

Ruth Ramsay was a striptease artist and nude model for over a decade, and her stories, wisdom and tips are sure to help you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Being confident naked isn’t about how you actually look – it’s about self-care, mindset and education.

This workshop will cover:

  • Learning what’s common in terms of genital appearance. There is no such thing as “normal”!
  • Looking at how to celebrate the healthily uncommon. If it’s not causing you pain or functional distress, embrace it!
  • Self-care for self-confidence.
  • Seeing yourself positively through others’ eyes.
  • Undressing to impress.
  • And the number one confidence trick Ruth learnt through her years on-stage…

There will be an opportunity for Q&As at the end – bring all your nudity fears and be ready to have them released!

Meet Ruth Ramsay (she/her): Ex-striptease artist turned sex coach. TEDx speaker and UK Erotic Award winner. From kink dungeons to Parliament, her journey has been diverse. With coaching expertise, she guides you to embrace desires, communicate effectively, and unleash your sexy energy. Get ready to boost your confidence, both in the bedroom and beyond. Ruth's here to help you own your pleasure.

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Feel Confident Naked


Date and Time

Tuesday 14th Nov 23
20:30 BST


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<p>Comfortable attire</p>

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