Nudity Note: This is a webinar style workshop. There will be no nudity on screen, and no nudity from participants. Get comfy, listen and learn.

Why is it so hard for us to talk about sex, even with the people we have it with?

Sex is the topic couples are least likely to talk about – ranking even below death and finances. Why is it so challenging? Understanding this can help us be more compassionate with ourselves and partners… opening us up to easy, joyful communication, and ever-increasing pleasure!

In this workshop adult sex educator and coach Ruth Ramsay will explain why sex is so hard to communicate about, and give you strategies to open up those conversations.

She will draw on communication strategies such as NVC (Non Violent Communication), protcols from the kink world, case studies from experience of her clients, and more.

Ruth will give particular focus to:

  • Why communicating is vitally important
  • Communication with play partners vs in long term relationships
  • Sharing fantasies – whether to, when and how
  • Opening up relationships
  • What to do when it goes wrong

Have a pen and paper to hand for the self-coaching questions, and begin writing your own action plan for easier communication.

Feel inspired and excited to communicate and connect!

Meet Ruth Ramsay (she/her): Ex-striptease artist turned sex coach. TEDx speaker and UK Erotic Award winner. From kink dungeons to Parliament, her journey has been diverse. With coaching expertise, she guides you to embrace desires, communicate effectively, and unleash your sexy energy. Get ready to boost your confidence, both in the bedroom and beyond. Ruth's here to help you own your pleasure.

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Let's Talk About Sex!


Date and Time

Thursday 26th Oct 23
20:00 BST


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