Are you tired of the frustrations that come with online dating or situationships that feel like prolonged one-night stands? Are you longing for deeper, more meaningful connections in your dating journey? Do you dream of fostering conscious relationships that align with your values and aspirations? for a conscious and loving relationship?

Join our Dating Strategy Masterclass, led by the esteemed matchmaker and relationship expert, Sarah Louise Ryan. Sarah has been matchmaking successful singles who want more from their love lives since 2011.

She understands the pain points of endless swiping, having fun but missing that deeper emotional and intellectual compatibility. She also understands that in the modern world of dating it can be difficult to stop and focus time, energy, affection and attention on just one person, to see where the connection unfolds.

Sarah is going to teach you what she knows about dating differently and slowing everything right down. So you can explore deep connection both inside and outside of the bedroom when dating and relating.

Tailor Matched is a thought leading matchmaking agency based in the UK, operating internationally, that connects singles based on compatibility both inside and outside the bedroom. They are the only dating agency worldwide that creates personal introductions based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility.

Sarah Louise Ryan is a trailblazer in the world of matchmaking, renowned for her innovative modern approach working as an expert in the field since 2011, she focuses on fostering deep and conscious connections and has a sex-positive edge towards relationship creation for the singles she works with.

Sarah and her matchmaking teams bring singles together across the globe who want deeper connection that goes beyond the surface of shallow conversations and swiping. Sarah focuses on bringing her clients together based on sexual, emotional and intellectual compatibility. Having witnessed the struggles of online dating, Sarah has a proven track record of guiding individuals towards authentic relationships. A regular contributor to the BBC, Sarah is also a Psychotherapist in training and has been featured in Psychologies, Vogue, GQ, Forbes, on the front cover of Times and many more.

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Dating 101: A Masterclass with a Professional Matchmaker


Date and Time

Sunday 7th Jan 24
18:00 BST


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