There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, and in this 2nd workshop of kink month, Sarah will be showing you just how to explore your pain and pleasure thresholds in order to discover your deepest, darkest fantasies.


We’ll be discussing the different forms of impact play and restraint positions, as well as talking through the etiquette of punishment before letting you try your hand at being spanker or spankee!  


More than just a pair of fluffy handcuffs, this workshop will give you the chance to try out different types of restraints and positions to find those combinations that submissives will either love or loathe (but secretly love!).


Dominants, you’ll get to try out a range of tools, learning different pressure points and where those sweet spots are that will really make your submissive squeal and squirm (or try to, at least).


We’ll be working through different types of impact play, testing out toys such as paddles and floggers, and how to use your most trusty tool- your hand!  To finish things off, we’ll also do some sensual wax play to really heat things up!  


Whether you want to explore your sensual side or your sadistic side, this workshop will guide you through the exploration of pleasure and pain and allow you to discover new sensations with your partner. We will ensure an equal number of participants for anyone who would like to attend without a partner.


About Sarah:

Sarah is content writer, kink blogger and counsellor-in-training who has been exploring the BDSM scene for almost 10 years. As an experienced submissive she enjoys sharing her knowledge from the world of kink to shed light on the practices involved in BDSM, with an aim to encourage others to explore their own kinks and fetishes openly and safely. 

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Impact Play & Restraints Workshop


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Date and Time

Wednesday 22nd Jan 20
18:30 BST


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£45.00 - SOLD OUT

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Comfortable Attire

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KK Social (more info)