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Reach your #sexgoals

Let Killing Kittens tease your mind and sexually educate and expand your intimacy knowledge. We bring together experts from all corners of the world to offer unparalleled education of sexual exploration.

Who doesn’t want better sex?

Live your best sex life

Infinitely improve your confidence, expand your knowledge, experiment, enjoy! Our workshops cover a huge variety of topics designed to tingle your nerve endings.

  • Sensual massage
  • Self-pleasure techniques
  • Conscious BDSM
  • Erotic mindfulness and expanded orgasms

Time to Level Up your Sex Game

Learn all the secrets to a bigger ‘o’

Ever wondered whether you might be able to squirt? Or maybe your orgasms aren’t what you expect them to be. Our workshops remove all the question marks around your body and sex.

Explore and discover things about yourself or your partner that you never knew and wish you’d always known.

Fascinating and inspiring talks

Let’s talk about sex, baby

Killing Kittens has joined forces with leaders, educators and free thinkers to educate open-minded women about the world of sex, hedonism and exploration.

Topics vary from female biology and orgasms to bondage, mindfulness and meditation.

Specialists relative to each subject start the evening with a combination of talks, presentations and excercises which generally lead to further exploration through open discussion.

Notable past speakers


Emma Sayle

Founder, Killing Kittens


Emma Kenny



Sarah Welsh

Co-Founder, HANX


Farah Kabir

Co-Founder, HANX


Stephanie Alys

Founder, Mystery Vibe


Stephanie Theobold

Author and Journalist

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