Best Sex Positions for Mummys-to-be!

I can see that little smile hidden in the corner of your mouth there! When you hear for the billionth time “babe, you’re simply glowing! Pregnancy is so magical!”. The reality there isn’t that throwing up constantly and having a backache worthy of an Olympian prize is magical. It’s that you’ve had some amazing sex in all the best positions despite being pregnant. Pregnancy does not mean that you stop having sex. It may mean that your libido is slightly decreased (although it can also swing the other way – yay for pregnancy hormones!), but when you get that urge (and you will), then have a read through the best positions to keep you safe and oh so satisfied and get ready to ‘bump’ and grind, (I’m so sorry, I just had to!).

It’s completely natural for people to freak out about a penis hitting the head of your baby. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s actually one of the most common fears about sex during pregnancy. Rest assured, ladies and gents, that sex during pregnancy is completely safe. As a matter of fact, sex can actually feel better whilst your pregnant. This is because your hormones are altered, (particularly estrogen and progesterone) which then creates more of your natural vaginal lubricant and turns your breast sensitivity right up. It is, however, quite important that you choose the right positions. There’s no danger here, but there is discomfort if the right positions aren’t selected. Also, just a quick reminder to always check with a Doctor if sex is safe during pregnancy when you’ve had complications (the NHS website states: “avoid sex if your waters have broken, you have any problems with the entrance of your womb, your having twins, or if you’ve had previous early labours and are in the later stage of pregnancy). Try to avoid positions where you’re lying on your back (though it may be tempting as it’s the ‘easiest’ position to do), such as missionary. This is because when you hit the second trimester of your pregnancy, it can reduce blood flow and give you heart palpitations, which no one wants! Other than that, though, have a glance through these positions which will allow you to have some fun throughout all three of your trimesters.

Scissoring – First Trimester

If you can’t get the thought of poking your baby’s head, (though rest assured this won’t happen), then this position allows you to have a shallower amount of penetration. It’s also gentle, and very romantic. Furthermore, your partner’s pelvis will rub against your clit, and due to the increased blood pressure, you’ll orgasm in no time and it will feel amazing!

Cross Buttocks – First Trimester

Yeah, this is a little adventurous. Nonetheless, take advantage of being able to do this position before your bump begins to grow! All you need to do is start out in missionary, and have your partner slide his chest and legs off of your body so that you’re in a kinda ‘x’ shape. You need a lot of lubrication for this one, which is why pregnancy works a treat!

Looping – First Trimester

This is one that you’re probably already familiar with. You won’t be able to lay on your back soon, so take advantage of this sex position. Lay flat, as though you are in the missionary position, but have your partner wrap your legs around his shoulders. This allows you to control the penetration to a certain extent, pulling him in further with your legs should you want it. You’ll also have your breasts completely exposed in this position, and, as stated earlier, they will be ultra sensitive.

Doggy Style – Second Trimester

A fantastic position whether you’re pregnant or not, (but arguably better whilst you are pregnant!). Get on all fours and have your partner enter you from behind. You can take over the movements to ensure you’re getting as much or as little penetration as you want. Should you have any back pain during this position, then pop a pillow underneath your chest and lay down with your rear end raised slightly. He’ll also have complete access to your clit in this position, which, as we know, is more sensitive during pregnancy. No pain, complete gain!

The Hot Seat – Second Trimester

This is a little trickier than doggy style due to your bump, but it’s totally worth it. It’s almost like reverse cowgirl, but with him sitting up. Your partner’s hands are completely free to caress your breasts and clit. Top tip: mirrors are your best friend. It’ll intensify the experience and make it so much more intimate.  This position allows you to take control, and therefore find the angle that gives you the most pleasure and comfort.

Girl on Top – Second Trimester

This position works on the basis that you are, again, in control. Pregnant or not, this is incredibly hot. It allows you to set the tone for the rest of the sex sesh – controlling the amount of penetration and the speed, you can experiment with what works best for you. Again, your breasts are exposed and you can grind your clit against his pubic bone. Climb aboard with your partner’s knees slightly open, his legs propped up so you can rest your back against his legs. Your in the driver’s seat, so drive away!

Spooning – Third Trimester

A personal favourite of mine! As you are lying on your side, you are taking off any pressure you could have on your back and uterus, allowing more comfort. While you can use this position at any stage during your pregnancy, it shines for the third trimester because it doesn’t allow particularly deep penetration and it can be incredibly gentle and loving. It’s always recommended by Terri Vanderlinde, M.D., a gynecologist and sexual medicine counselor that you should have a tilt by putting a pillow underneath you. It helps keep the baby’s weight off your vena cava, which lays within your abdomen.

Reverse Cowgirl – Third Trimester

Again, you are in control of your own pleasure here. Your bump is also free from bumping against your partner as you’re facing the other way, and you can move back and forth to find the right angle, as well as the right amount of speed and penetration. Have your partner lay down and climb on facing the other way. Lower yourself and ride up and down, (be careful while going back and forth in this position – it’s a bit of a dangerous situation for your partner should something go wrong here!)

Table Top – Third Trimester

This last position is a real ‘topper’! It provides a really comfortable position for you and super easy access for your partner. You’ll need a countertop, table, or desk that you can sit on. Make sure you take a seat towards the edge of the surface, so only half of your buttocks is on it. Have your partner support your legs and enter you from this position.

And there you have it! Sex positions that are perfect whatever trimester you are in. And please let me take a second to congratulate you on your pregnancy. Consider these little gems your baby shower gift from all of us at KK!