The Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

From first to third trimester sex positions, we’ve got the scoop on how to spice things up in the bedroom while pregnant. 

Pregnancy is a little like Marmite. Some women thrive, enjoying every second of carrying their child for nine months. Others, like myself, despise being preggers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all totally worth it, but pregnancy can be a rough ride. 

You’ve got the morning sickness, weight gain everywhere, needing to pee a thousand times a day, wanting to sob because you put your slippers on the wrong feet, and so many more side effects.

But the one we’re most interested in is the change of libido and the sensual alteration to your genitals from the first to the third trimester. 

As your pregnancy develops, you’ll find your mobility becomes increasingly limited. You’re carrying a literal human child in your belly, so riding your partner cowgirl style may be off the table for a little while.

(Or it may not. If you can do it and you’re comfortable, you ride ‘em, Cowgirl.)

But what are the best sex positions during pregnancy? Which are safest? Easiest? Most pleasurable? Today’s post sheds light on the answers you need to get through the next 9 months with a very satisfying sex life. But first:

Does being pregnant increase or decrease your libido? 

Libido changes are a widespread side effect of pregnancy, and the truth is, it could go either way. You could find that you want to jump your partner every second of every day, and despite having multiple orgasms, you never feel totally satisfied.

Or, you could go the other way and feel that the last thing you want in the entire world is to get down and dirty. Even if you had a high libido before discovering your positive pregnancy test, it could take a hit pretty quickly. 

But don’t lose faith. If you’re restless and horny 24/7 or you never want to be touched again, I have reassurance for you: this will not last for an entire 9 months

Your libido will rise and fall throughout your pregnancy, so whichever side of the seesaw you’re on now; eventually, you’ll swing round to the opposing side. 

Why does being pregnant alter your libido? 

Now you’ve gained the reassurance you need that 1.) There’s nothing wrong with you, and 2.) An increased or decreased libido is a perfectly natural side effect to growing a human being inside your body, you’re probably wondering why and how your libido is affected while you’re pregnant. 

As with many conditions, pregnancy creates a surge of hormones in the brain. The two hormones that impact your libido, which are altered during pregnancy, are estrogen and progesterone. With a rush of these two hormones also comes an increased blood flow to the genitals, making your libido skyrocket. 

But, there’s no bigger turn-off than physical sickness, fatigue, and stress. Combine them in a mixing pot, and you have an antidote to horniness: the low libido cocktail. 

This is why it depends on the mummy-to-be. If she struggles with severe morning sickness and her hormone levels have changed minimally, her libido is likely to decrease. If, however, she has one of those Instagram-worthy pregnancies with none of the bad stuff, she’ll likely feel horny most of the time. 

(But she may not share that on the Gram.)

What is the easiest sex position while pregnant?

The easiest sex position while pregnant reduces the weight on your stomach and back. Lying on your side will relieve the pressure on your baby bump with no added weight on your back.

What positions are safe for pregnant women?

A widely searched question! It’s entirely natural for people to freak out about a penis hitting your baby’s head. Some may chuckle, but it’s one of the most common fears about sex during pregnancy. 

Rest assured, ladies and gents, that sex during pregnancy is completely safe. Sex can actually feel better while you’re pregnant. 

This is because your hormones are altered (particularly estrogen and progesterone), which then creates more of your natural vaginal lubricant and turns your breast sensitivity right up. It is, however, important that you choose the right sex positions while pregnant. 

There’s no danger here, but there is discomfort if the right positions aren’t selected. Also, just a quick reminder to always check with a Doctor if sex is safe during pregnancy when you’ve had complications (the NHS website states: “avoid sex if your waters have broken, you have any problems with the entrance of your womb, your having twins, or if you’ve had previous early labours and are in the later stage of pregnancy). Also, try to avoid positions where you’re lying on your back (though it may be tempting as it’s the ‘easiest’ position to do), such as missionary. This is because when you hit the second trimester of your pregnancy, it can reduce blood flow and give you heart palpitations, which no one wants! Other than that, though, have a glance through these positions, which will allow you to have some fun throughout all three of your trimesters.

Sex positions while pregnant: the first trimester 

Missionary position in the first trimester

The missionary position is totally safe in the first trimester. You’ll want to keep pressure off your stomach, so your partner should try to keep their weight off your bump by supporting you with their arms. 

Scissoring–sex during your first trimester

If you can’t get the thought of poking your baby’s head (though rest assured this wouldn’t happen), then this position allows you to have a shallower amount of penetration. It’s also gentle and very romantic. Furthermore, your partner’s pelvis will rub against your clit, and due to the increased blood pressure, you’ll orgasm in no time, and it will feel incredible.

Cross Buttocks during your first trimester

Yeah, this is a little adventurous. But you’re going to want to take advantage of being able to do this position before your bump begins to grow. Once you hit the second – and definitely the third – you’ll find it near impossible. 

Start in missionary, and have your partner slide his chest and legs off of your body so that you’re in a kinda ‘x’ shape. You’ll need a lot of lubrication for this one, which is why pregnancy works a treat. Your body produces more natural lubricant when you’re preggers, so enjoy the natural slip and slide. 

Looping during your first trimester

This is one that you’re probably already familiar with. You won’t be able to lay on your back soon, so take advantage of this sex position. 

Lay flat, as though you are in the missionary position, but have your partner wrap your legs around his shoulders. This allows you to control the penetration, pulling him in further with your legs should you want it. You’ll also have your breasts wholly exposed in this position, and, as stated earlier, they will be ultra-sensitive.


Sex positions while pregnant: the second trimester 

The best sex positions for the second trimester of pregnancy will alter from person to person. Now’s the time to get exploring as your baby bump isn’t too big yet. The most popular sex positions for the second trimester are spooning, doggy, woman-on-top, and missionary. 

Is doggy style safe in your second trimester?

Doggy style is perfectly safe in your second trimester of pregnancy. 

Doggy’s a fantastic position whether you’re pregnant or not, (but arguably better while you are pregnant!). 

Get on all fours and have your partner enter you from behind. You can take over the movements to ensure you’re getting as much or as little penetration as you want. 

Should you have any back pain during this position, pop a pillow underneath your chest and lay down with your rear end raised slightly. He’ll also have complete access to your clit in this position, which, as we know, is more sensitive during pregnancy. No pain, entire gain!

The Hot Seat during your second trimester 

This is a little trickier than doggy style due to your bump, but it’s totally worth it. 

It’s almost like reverse cowgirl, but with him sitting up. Your partner’s hands are entirely free to caress your breasts and clit. 

 This position allows you to take control and find the angle that gives you the most pleasure and comfort.

Top tip: mirrors are your best friend. It’ll intensify the experience and make it so much more intimate. 

Dirty French Girl

Girl on Top during your second trimester

This position works on the basis that you are, again, in control. 

Pregnant or not, this is hot. 

It allows you to set the tone for the rest of the sex sesh – controlling the amount of penetration and speed to experiment with what works best for you. 

Again, your breasts are exposed, and you can grind your clit against his pubic bone. Climb aboard with your partner’s knees slightly open, his legs propped up so you can rest your back against his legs. You’re in the driver’s seat, so drive away!

Sex positions while pregnant: the third trimester 

Spooning sex during your third trimester

As you are lying on your side, you are taking off any pressure you could have on your back and uterus, allowing more comfort. 

While you can use this position at any stage during your pregnancy, it shines for the second and third trimester because it doesn’t allow super deep penetration and it can be gentle and loving. 

It’s always recommended by Terri Vanderlinde, M.D., a gynecologist, and sexual medicine counselor, that you should have a tilt by putting a pillow underneath you. It helps keep the baby’s weight off your vena cava, which lays within your abdomen.

Reverse Cowgirl during your third trimester

Again, you are in control of your pleasure here. Your bump is also free from knocking against your partner as you’re facing the other way, and you can move back and forth to find the right angle, speed, and penetration level. 

Have your partner lay down and climb on facing the other way. Lower yourself and ride up and down (be careful while going back and forth in this position – it’s a bit of a dangerous situation for your partner should something go wrong here!).

Table Top during your third trimester

This last position is a real ‘topper’! 

It’s a comfortable position for you and gives your partner easy access. You’ll need a countertop, table, or desk that you can sit on. Make sure you take a seat towards the edge of the surface, so only half of your buttocks are on it. Have your partner support your legs and enter you from this position.

Is it safe to have sex while pregnant? 

If nothing else, we hope that you’ve taken this post as reassurance. Sex during pregnancy is not dangerous. Some positions will be tricker than others, and some positions will feel better. 

When it comes down to it, every woman’s pregnancy will be different, and therefore, the positions she enjoys will vary from lady to lady. 

The main things to remember are: 

  • Communicate with your partner – allow them to understand the changes you’re feeling throughout this process, both physically and emotionally. 
  • Guide your partner – it can be easy to become timid, but this is your time to shine. You’re carrying the baby, after all. So, reap the benefits of being touched precisely the way you want. 
  • Be careful – always begin slowly and gently to gauge whether it feels good to you. Increase in speed and pressure in increments, and ensure you keep talking to your partner. 
  • Have fun – sure, pregnancy is hard, but there are perks to everything. Sex will feel different while you’re pregnant, so explore it and have fun! 

And there you have it: the best sex positions for pregnant women, whatever trimester you are in. 

Congratulations, mama. Enjoy the ride. Literally. 

Consider these little gems of knowledge your baby shower gift from all of us at KK.

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