Testing Lovely, The Sex Toy For Couples

When the team from Lovely contacted us about reviewing their latest couples’ sex toy, of course, we jumped at the chance.

The Lovely sex toy has been designed with the concept of dual play, targeted at couples who want to add to their sex lives.

Look And Feel 

We’ll let our reviewer take it away. Our reviewer in this case is a vulva-owner who is partnered with a penis-owner, however this toy can be used easily by people with different anatomy and in different pairings. 

Taking the Lovely out of its box, I was immediately impressed – this is a quality bit of kit.

The material is oh so soft, luxurious even, and feels really good to handle, resulting in maximum pleasure for both you and your partner.

The colours are also beautiful. My testing toy was a deep wild green colour, and this gadget also comes in a soft pastel pink. 

The Lovely sex toy can sit at the base of the penis, which is always something of a worry for my partner, being gifted in the girth department.

Having tried other couples’ sex toys and cock rings, I was worried about how comfortable this would actually be for him. Other toys we tried had failed to impress him, as he found them awkward and off-putting. Luckily for both of us, this wasn’t the case at all with the Lovely. The Lovely is stretchy and has plenty of give, yet when in place it stays firmly put on the base of the penis without being too tight. (A relief and a huge win!)


The Lovely sex toy will make you both tingle from head to toe—and that’s not just the vibration!

The shape is great, as it’s small enough not to detract from sex in all the positions we tried, and the positioning is perfect; it provides exact and direct clitoral stimulation, which is fantastic news if you’re one of the 80% of vulva-owners who needs clitoral stimulation to climax!

It also allows the blood to rush and stay put inside of the penis, which then leaves the penis-owner with a stronger erection that can last considerably longer than usual. 

The Tech

The tech is what really makes this little toy stand out. These rather remarkable sex toys for couples contain both beauty and brains using technology and a gorgeous, sleek-as-silk design.

After you have used it for the first time, it analyses its operation, your behaviours, and duration of use, sending all of the information to the Lovely app. Then, all of your data is processed, and with it, you’re provided with personalised tips to improve your sensations next time.

It also suggests a variety of positions you could try, and with 120 positions registered on the app, you’ll have a hell of a good time crossing them off your list! It even tells you how many calories you’ve burnt during sex! Stand aside, FitBit! 

The clever little sensors inside the Lovely sex toy are truly remarkable. Measuring aspects of your experience from speed, duration, force, position, and orientation, the Lovely app encourages you both to try new things. It will also present an opportunity to discuss those positions you have been trying.

When it comes to sex toys for couples, all in all, this Lovely toy is a fantastic cocktail of modern technology mixed with sensation. It is definitely one of my favourites to add to my collection, and I can clarify that when it comes to sex, ‘Lovely’ is an incredilble addition to the collection.

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