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What Do The Different Heart Emoji Colours Mean?

Want to know when to send a 💜 rather than a 💖? Read on to find out!
by Piper Huxley
31 Aug 2022

UPDATED: 29 Sep 2022


Image Source: Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Used frequently in texts and beyond, heart emojis have become part of our language. With over 20 to choose from, each colour has earned a specific meaning or connotation in different places and communities around the world. We’ve answered your questions about what the different heart emoji colours mean, who can use them, and how they are used most popularly in the UK and the US.

Heart Emoji Meanings

Ever-growing in number, emojis have become a core element of modern communication – with the ability to end a sentence, or make a statement in one image, perfectly. Honestly, we’re not sure we could live without our trusty second keyboard. Something as suggestive as an aubergine emoji can say the unspeakable. Something as standard as a winky face can shift the meaning and implications of a sentence.

With 20 heart emojis at our fingertips, there’s no surprise that each one has been attributed a different meaning – some even have several possible connotations. The meaning of a heart emoji is determined by its colour. So, we want to get the right heart colour meaning for the right people – especially in the world of dating apps where tone can be very important to a conversation. It could be said that heart emojis are pictorial tone indicators. After all, they’re a non-confrontational way to set boundaries, confirm intentions and establish relationships.

They’re also a great way to set a certain vibe. But, the last bit sounded waaaay better.

Here are some heart emoji meanings with their colours, so without further ado: the “meaning of heart emoji”

Blue Heart Meaning 💙

What does a blue heart mean? Well, it looks like binary gender roles got this one… Blue has got ‘bro’ written all over it. On the iOS keyboard, the blue is major, royal and vibrant. In other words, this blue heart emoji is ‘bro-propriate’. If you’re on a dating or hookup app, it’s a good way to nudge someone that you think they’re cool but that you’re not necessarily seeing your connection as having romantic potential. It’s great for something casual or to show your bro some love. Even bros have got to show their love for one another, right? Oh, and bros can of course be of any gender, BTW.

The blue heart can also be used to express serenity, support and trust.

Here is our Hot or Not barometer which we’ll use for each heart to explain if you should use it depending on how attracted you are to someone. Below is our vote for the blue heart emoji: 

Hot: Keep it casual. Show some love.

Not: Can’t really go wrong with this one.

White Heart Meaning 🤍

In our opinion, this emoji is a white for sore eyes. New to the pack, the white heart emoji is a mystery and deffo shocks us every time we see it. Why would anyone use this?? What does the white heart emoji mean? Well, according to our friend on the internet, the meaning of a white heart is pretty textbook. Some sites say that white means “pure love, like familial or parental love”. If we’re honest, that’s giving us full English Lit class vibes. … but, there must be more, right? We say you could use it for emotional support or with someone you share a close bond with. It’s also perfect if you want to grab your crush’s attention… 

Hot: Good to get your crush’s attention.

Not: Hot sexting sessions.

Purple Heart Meaning 💜

OK – this is an emoji that is perfect for the Killing Kittens app. Much like its cheeky counterpart, the purple smiling devil, the meaning of a purple heart emoji is suggestive. While BTS stans use this emoji on Twitter to show love for their fave boy band, in general this purple heart emoji is a symbol of great romance, sensuality and attraction. Or – just plain horniness. If you’re in the mood for a booty call, you should totes add this emoji to your roster if you haven’t already. Or – it’s perfect if you’re flirting with your partner

Not to be confused with the Purple Heart In A Box emoji… *shudders*

Hot: Flirt away!

Not: Not for the family group chat.

Yellow Heart Meaning 💛

What does the yellow heart mean? Like its close relative the yellow chick or the yellow chick in the shell, the yellow heart is giving us very cute energy. Perfect for platonic adorableness between friends, the yellow heart emoji deffo gives off warm vibes. Why not pop a yellow heart emoji into the text when you next message your grandma? I’m sure she will appreciate a little yellow heart popping onto her screen – if she’s got her specs on. This could also be another heart emoji for letting people know your connection is warmly platonic, rather than romantic or sexy.

Hot: Grandma will love it.

Not: Not very flirty.

Green Heart Meaning 💚

What is the meaning of a green heart? Again – this is another heart emoji that has multiple meanings, and you don’t tend to see this one used very often. Firstly, the colour green in general has many connotations and can mean a variety of things. On top of the list is jealousy, environmental activism – Greta, eat your heart out – and Ireland.

So, what does a green heart mean? Above all, green is an outpouring of love and gratitude. It’s good for acquaintances.

Hot: Versatile – use it to express your love of trees and of the Emerald Isle.

Not: Not booty-call material.

Orange Heart Meaning 🧡

Next, what does an orange heart emoji mean?

Let’s be real. You probably sent this emoji by accident once. We’re all victims of a mistype from time to time. And – this emoji sits right next to the red one. So, it’s a likely story. 

If you like the colour orange, you could use it in place of the classic red, which symbolises love, support and a close bond. It’s… close enough. Go on, we dare you.

Actually, don’t. 

Stick to red.

Hot: Adding a little chaos to your messages

Not: Always.

Two Static Pink Hearts Meaning 💕

For when one heart simply isn’t enough. This heart emoji is delicate, friendly, warm and cute AF. Perfect between besties, slap bang at the end of a compliment or for some shy flirting, the Static Pink Heart Emoji is a firm choice.

Plus, there are two for the price of one. What’s not to love?

Hot: For cute banter, or alongside a compliment.

Not: Not ideal for anything too deep and meaningful.

Orbiting Pink Hearts Meaning 💞

Another 10/10 emoji. Ugh – look how gorge it is! If you’re having a heart-to-heart (pun intended), then this emoji would slot in very nicely. It’s cute, whimsical and gives solidarity vibes. When you’re having deep chats with a friend, support is the best thing to show. If you can’t express it with words, why not pop in this emoji? We wouldn’t recommend this during sexy flirting, but for cute camaraderie you can’t get much better than this. 

Hot: Reserved for deep chats and big feels.

Not: Not ideal for Linkedin.

Vibrating Pink Heart Meaning 💓

Do you have a friend who’s going through a tough time in their life and needs some uplifting? If so, you should be sending some good vibes out their way. What are friends for, eh?

Or – maybe, you just had a cute date and want to send out a beating heart to whomever you went out with. That’s cute, honestly. You could even throw one at the end of an apology.

For example, I like this one: “We’re sorry that we keep making heart emojis, Piper. 💓”

Just like that.

Hot: Platonic, romantic or sexual.

Not: Anything casual.

Sparkle Heart Meaning 💖

On to the grand high vibe herself: the sparkle heart. Wowsers, this one is MAJOR. Though it may come across as cute and adorable, it can give passive-aggressive vibes  in some contexts. Although many describe this emoji as the “lawful good” of the heart emoji world, we’re not convinced. This one has power and influence. OBSESSED. It deserves its own article, tbh.

Hot: Iconic!!!

Not: Not everyone can pull it off… You could try…