Spring Cleaning for Men’s Sexual Health

Spring has officially sprung! With spring comes the dreaded chores of spring cleaning, but have you ever done spring cleaning for your own sexual health? Why not take this time to focus on your own pleasure and take care of yourself for better orgasms all spring long?


Few adults feel confident in their knowledge of sexual health, which is why we’ve gathered our favorite tips for how guys can freshen up their sex lives this season while maintaining excellent sexual health. From getting tested to using protection and everything in between, we get down to business so you can comfortably carry on with your business, down there. No vacuuming or dusting required here!

Rinse Your Penis

Good hygiene is always crucial for good health, so naturally, it’s important to keep your penis squeaky clean. Start by washing with warm water when you’re in the shower. If you have foreskin, make sure to pull back gently and wash underneath. Smegma, a natural lubricant that keeps the penis moist, can build up in the foreskin and produce a foul smell. It can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why it’s important you care for your cock every day to avoid this. Don’t forget to give some TLC to your testicles and pubic area, too. Sweat can build up in the hair at the base of the penis, leading to an unpleasant smell. Gently cleaning with hot water every day will do the trick for keeping your pal clean, but if you want to add a little soap be sure to use a mild, non-scented option to minimize harm. Washing your penis is also a good time to consistently check for any lumps or swellings that weren’t previously there. It’s common courtesy to keep your cock clean, so add this extra step into your shower routine if you haven’t already!

Get Tested

Did you know that you should get tested for STIs every time you switch sexual partners, at the very least? STIs can occur without any symptoms, which is why it’s important to get tested regularly. Symptoms to look out for include pain while peeing, blisters or sores around the genitals, itching or burning around the genitals, and discharge from the penis. Testing is available at sexual health clinics and some community contraceptive clinics. Free testing kits for HIV are available in certain parts of England, too.

Use Protection

There are plenty of options in the market for contraception when it comes to making love. Condoms are 98% effective when used correctly, meaning 2 out of every 100 women will become pregnant each year when male condoms are used. Other forms of contraception include female birth control pills, implants, or Plan B. Talk with your partner and doctor about the best method for you, and keep in mind that not all contraceptives will protect you from STIs.

Improve Your Performance

40% of men by the age of 40 begin to experience difficulty maintaining an erection. However, erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur earlier in life and is nothing to be ashamed of. Causes of ED include physiological, psychological, and risk factors like tobacco and medication use. Luckily, there are medications available, like sildenafil or Cialis, that your doctor can prescribe to help you obtain and maintain an erection. There are telemedicine options available if you can’t physically access a doctor right now. Getting hard shouldn’t be hard!

Communicate with Your Partner

Communication is key when it comes to sexual health and sexual pleasure. Unless you’re solo masturbating, there’s at least one other person involved in your sexy time. If you are experiencing any pain or difficulties, it’s important to let your partner know so that your boundaries are not pushed. Transparency and honesty are the best policy in the bedroom, so share any medical condition you may have before you start getting cheeky, too. If you don’t currently have a partner, check out the Killing Kittens app and get chatting because you never know who you might make a connection with!

Take a Break and Masturbate

Not only is masturbating a way to reach an orgasm on your own, but it’s also a great way for men to learn to control their orgasms if they’ve experienced cumming too quickly with a partner. It’s most common for men to rub their penis to reach climax while masturbating, but there is no right or wrong way. Cock rings are a great masturbation tool if you don’t want to rely on just your hand. Orgasms can do wonders for your mental health and sexual health, so masturbate away! Just be cautious of how often you masturbate, as oedema (when the penis starts to look alarmingly swelled) can occur if you do it too often.

Clean Your Toys

If you and your partner like to use toys as an added thrill in the bedroom, it’s important to keep them clean to reduce your risk of bacterial infections and STIs. The best way to clean your sex toys is with a damp cloth and dime-sized amount of mild soap for all types of toys. You can also clean your toys with baby or adult bathroom wipes but stay away from disinfecting wipes with harsh chemicals.

Make Your Perfect Oasis

This step might sound like traditional spring cleaning, but it will actually benefit your sexual health! Getting it on will be more fun if your space is clean and gets you and your partner in the mood. Start with freshly-washed bedding, dust off your bookshelves, light some candles, and organize your toys. Stock your bedside table with condoms, grab some towels to have nearby, and have water readily available. You never know when an opportunity to have sex will present itself, and you’ll find comfort in knowing that your space is ready to impress. It’ll also help with any sexual performance anxiety knowing that you are confident with your bedroom and don’t have to worry about hiding anything or quickly cleaning up while your partner waits out in the hallway.


Above all, a consistent self-care routine is critical for your sexual health. Combine all of these tips into a routine so that you’re up to par no matter what season you’re in. Don’t get yourself into a sticky situation when it can easily be avoided by taking care of yourself, and your partner will probably thank you!


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