Sharing my husband

Sharing my husband. We learn from Kitten P, on how inviting other Kittens into the most intimate aspects of her life, has heightened her sex life and made her marriage stronger.

Over the last few months, I have learned that sharing my husband with other women only makes us stronger. That might sound like a complete contradiction, and contrary to curious friends’ suggestions, our marriage is genuinely not in trouble and husband sharing isn’t something I’d ever imagined would feature in my marriage…and yet…I find myself wanting to share my husband with another woman.

We are sociable souls, and as theatrical spirits have always been enthusiastically tactile and forward with our feelings. It has felt like an entirely natural progression to open up our sexual relationship to others and husband share.

I have never been a jealous person, and have never had an issue with most of his friends being female. As an openly bisexual kitten, the idea of being free to explore with women whilst having my husband involved has only ever been a thrilling thought. Perhaps unusually, he took a little more convincing.

We married relatively young, for our generation at least, and truth be told hit a bit of a wall as far as sex was concerned. We realised that sex was almost becoming a chore, and where once we had discussed fantasies and kinks, we were too tired, too busy, almost too bored to be enthusiastic about it.

A touchy issue to broach

It was a touchy issue to broach, especially as my sex drive has always been higher, and I struggled to explain that my wanting to play with others did not stem from anything he was doing wrong – or not doing. ‘How to Share your Husband’ is a tough one to bring up…it helps that I’ve never been shy about asking for what I want, and I would always recommend that sex is a regular topic of conversation between couples from day one of a relationship. The only relationships I have seen break down have ultimately been from a lack of understanding, and therefore fulfillment, of either partner’s sexual desires.

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Since bringing other women into our bed (and sofa and shower and… ) and sharing my husband, it’s not just our sex life that has been reinvigorated. Our conversations are deeper; our appreciation of each other day-to-day has been revitalised; our focus on our careers has been revived.

The way I see it, I am incredibly lucky to have found my perfect companion in life – why should I keep him all to myself? He’s my partner for life and I’m proud to share my husband. I haven’t yet shared my husband with a friend but it’s not something I’ve ruled out.

Maybe I have a hidden voyeuristic streak, but my favourite discovery so far has been that I love to watch him with other women. There is something to be said for watching the man you love whisper in another kitten’s ear, holding her close, teasing her… and catching your eye as he does so.

Sharing my husband

Or what about being ordered to restrain a kitten in our bed, stroking her hair as he marks her with a riding crop, silencing her cries with gentle kisses…

 And what could possibly be better than collapsing on the bed in a post-orgasmic haze, legs tangled, lazy hands wandering as tired mouths flutter over each other?

Our love and desire for each other has grown exponentially the more we have explored; the two of us are no longer enough to contain it. Sex is a wonderful thing, and can surely only be more exciting the more people you meet. Our trust in each other has never been up for debate, and there is no question that I could ever be replaced as his life partner or he mine. We have the best of both worlds, in being able to share the security of our relationship at the same time as igniting the spark of flirtation and excitement that only a first date or tentative kiss can inspire.

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